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Thursday, 26 August 2010


A soldier; a spy; an assassin; a shopaholic, Alyssia Sentropy is the best killing machine money can buy. The future is ugly, slimy, laden in advertising, and filled with scumbags. It's Alyssia's job to deal with the run of the mill space pirates, hover-bike gangs, and interdimensional flesh-eating carnival slugs, but her job just got more interesting. Now's she's faced with an ancient and supernatural cult of assassins as dark and powerful as the depths of a supermassive black hole, and they've got a thing for seeing her dead.

I was one of the winner's of InterGALactic's 'Your cameo in my silly web comic' competition, and as a result appear in the 2nd panel of Page 4 of the webcomic: 

Thanks to writer/artist Matt Olson (who also did the first ever Geek-Girl Pin-Up). You can check out the rest of InterGAL's webcomic--plus videos--here!

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