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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Deadpool #55 Review

Deadpool Reborn Part 1: Bright Bright Sunshiny Day.

So, thanks to Tombstone's serum, Wade Wilson has his looks back. But it's looking like it's gonna take some adjusting to. He's still having a recurring nightmare about people being horrified at his old scarred appearance and, not having needed to shave in a good long while, he manages to make deep cuts in his face while doing so. Cuts that would previously have healed in minutes that will now take days, due to the serum also having taken out his super-charged healing factor.

Despite this, with his new lease on life, Deadpool is feeling good, feeling alive, and, ironically, feeling indestructible; his confidence at an all-time high.

So what's he gonna do with himself now, having spent the last two days staring at his handsome healed face in the mirror, go score some hot chicks--as the cover would suggest--? No, he hides the new marks on his face with his mask and decides to go show the world the Merc with a Mouth is back by setting his sights on, not just a super-villain but a group of them--The Intelligencia.

Aboard their seafaring HQ, The Intelligencia's leader, MODOK, is briefing the others, announcing that their next grand scheme is to... do nothing. With all the in-fighting currently going on in the world of tights, most notably the Avengers vs. X-Men (and The Intelligencia's line-up changed and not as strong as it was originally), MODOK surmises that the good guys are gonna take care of themselves, so the villains need to be planning their move to capitalize on that once it happens.

Only, they don't get to discuss this, because here's Deadpool, cockier than ever, setting off bombs in their cruiser--sinking it and taking his leave. The villains--who, for a group calling themselves 'The Intelligencia', sure have a habit of acting like morons--compound Deadpool's damage by blowing one of the doors off in an attempt to escape--flooding the place, now that it's partially underwater due to Wade's pyrotechnics.

And Deadpool sails away in a dingy. Fade to black...

... Only... Not.

Wade's trademark shooting his mouth off has given one of the Intelligencia an idea and by the end of the issue, Wade's pretty new face ain't so pretty anymore as he's given a big reality check on what it means to be Deadpool sans his healing factor.

After the more serious than usual tone of the prior arc, DEAD, I was expecting this to be pure fun as the Merc with a Mouth goes back into action with a new lust for life. What we actually get--nicely illustrated by artist-for-this arc Shawn Crystal--is writer Daniel Way continuing to develop Wade's character, coming out of that arc, and it's a new dawn, alright. Just not in the way Wade thought it would be.

This is the beginning of something different, a good jumping-on point if you've never checked out Deadpool or dropped it because of the lack of solid character development that plagued much of this run.

Deadpool's vulnerable now and is gonna have to raise his game if he's gonna survive this 'Bright, sunshiny' new day.

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