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Friday, 12 October 2012

Marvel's future is NOW! Preview Part 3!


Before we get onto the Marvel NOW! stuff, a mention that the Merc with a Mouth's smash-hit mini-series Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe is getting a sequel in January, in the form of Deadpool Killustrated. Deadpook Kills the MU's alternate reality Wade Wilson will be taking his Fourth Wall-breaking mission to destroy the fictional characters of the Multiverse to the 'Ideaverse,' where he will take on some of the world's most famous literary characters, in what looks like it might be the second in a trilogy of Deadpool Kills... mini-series.

You can find Deadpool Killustrated writer Cullen Bunn and editor Jordan White talking to Newsarama about the book here, and if you didn't catch the original Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe mini-series, you can find my Reviews of it here.

Meanwhile, over at New York Comic Con, writer Dan Slott has been revealing more on Marvel NOW! Spider-Man. *SPOILER WARNING* If you don't want anything from Amazing Spider-Man #700 and Superior Spider-Man #1 revealed, skip the bullet points below until you're past the next Spidey pic; for everyone else, here are the so-far-revealed facts about what's in store for the web-slinger:

. Amazing Spider-Man #698 will set things in motion for the explosive events of issue #700--to which Slott is anticipating a big reaction.

. Spidey will be getting it together with Mary Jane, but it won't be Peter-Parker-Spidey, as...

.'ll be someone new under the costume when Superior Spider-Man launches with Scarlet Spider's Ryan Stegman on board as artist for the first story arc (ASM's Humberto Ramos to return further down the line).

. Things are going to get 'dark and weird,' and our 'Superior Spidey' will have retractable claws among his attributes--and there's something up with his eyes...

. It's a new Spidey, but it's still Peter Parker's world--with (what's left of) Petey's supporting cast sticking around for Superior.

. There'll be a new Sinister Six, and Adrian Toomes, the original Vulture will return.

. For the first time since ASM's controversial 'One More Day' and 'One Moment In Time' stories, in which Peter traded his marriage to MJ (erasing it from history) to Mephisto in exchange for saving Aunt May's life, Mephisto appears on a Spidey cover (ASM #700). Whether he's also inside is TBD; I'm crossing my fingers that this issue will take care of that whole business.

So that's Spidey, but what of some of the other Marvel NOW! books? Well, courtesy of Newsarama, you can check out Previews of All New X-Men #1 here, and Thor: God of Thunder #1 here.

Meanwhile, Captain Marvel writer Kelly Sue DeConnick takes the helm of Avengers Assemble from November's issue #9 with a line-up that will include new additions Spider-Woman and Captain Marvel--at least one of whom will be joining the Avengers in their next movie--but that doesn't mean the other female Avenger, Black Widow, won't get her share of the spotlight...

In Avengers Assemble #12, DeConnick will be bringing the Widow’s past back to haunt her! "It was absolutely inspired by the ‘Marvel’s The Avengers’ movie," says DeConnick. "As soon as the Widow said the line, ‘I have a lot of red in my ledger,’ I was like, 'Holy crap. I want to see that movie!’"

The most movie-connected of the Avengers books, DeConnick has revealed that the tone of her run will also be inspired by Joss Whedon's Avengers. You can find DeConnick's interview in full at

Agent Coulson is back in Nick Spencer & Luke Ross's Marvel NOW! Secret Avengers! Get the skinny at Entertainment Weekly here!

You can find writer Brian Michael Bendis talking about his plans for Guardians of the Galaxy with Newsarama here.

Writer Jeph Loeb discusses the new Nova with Comic Book Resources here, and below are a few more Marvel NOW! covers released at New York Comic Con...

If you didn't catch Part 1 of my major MARVEL NOW! Preview you can find that here!, Part 2 here, loads more MN! stuff at my Marvel NOW! Facebook Fanpage, and a Preview of Marvel NOW! Deadpool #1 here!

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