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Monday, 1 April 2013

Superior Spider-Man spin-offs announced!

Superior Spider-Man week is kicking off with the announcement that plans for Doc Ock (currently running around in Spidey's body in my favorite comic of the moment) are going to go beyond Superior Spider-Man, with two new 'Superior'-tied books set to launch: The Superior Octopus and Superior Squad.

Writer of the Superior Squad mini-series, Wiat Hawt, talked to us; he couldn't give too much away about The Superior Octopus, though did offer this: "You'd have to ask Slott about that one. But one thing I can say is that Ock's not done with his mind-swapping tech; and perhaps we might just see a new Doctor Octopus co-existing alongside Superior Spider-Man...?"

Talking about his own book, Hawt said, "Superior Spider-Man readers will be aware that Ock has been pumping up his tech and using Spider-bots to locate criminals. What they don't know is that these same 'bots have been seeking out potential allies for Otto; allies that can form a team who can carry out Ock's work on an even greater scale--taking it beyond NY."

And just who are these allies going to be? Hawt continues, "Well, after his recent experience with The Vulture, Ock's written off any ideas about getting his old buddies away from the 'dark side'--and let's not forget, the world at large still thinks that Superior is the original Spider-Man. So Ock's looking for heroes to fill out his crew--but heroes who aren't afraid to go... shall we say, a little further than a typical Avenger might." The first issue of Superior Squad will see Ock filling out his roster, and while with most of the recruits you can see his rationing, with one of them, without knowing quite how Otto's mind works, you might be left scratching your head.

Two words: Blind Al.

"Anyone familiar with Otto's past will know it includes some history with Aunt May;" Ock's looking for some arm candy who can also kick ass. May's got a dodgy hip, so what's the next best thing? Someone who's previously impersonated May! [in Deadpool vol.1 #11]. Heck, maybe she could even do it again." Wait... What? "Mwuah ha ha ha ha!"...

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