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Friday, 28 June 2013

Deadpool News

[UPDATED 7.6.13:]

The third in the series of Deadpool Kills... mini-series, Deadpool Kills Deadpool #1 - written by Cullen Bunn & illustrated by Salvadore Espin - is out now (Preview at Comic Book Resources here *CONTAINS SPOILERS*)...

...and things aren't looking good for Headpool...

Also out now is Thunderbolts #12, the first issue from new T-Bolts writer Charles Soule, with Steve Dillon returning on the art (Preview here!).

It's a strong debut from Soule in this Punisher-focused issue, as Frank Castle relentlessly pursues Elektra's terrorist brother Orestez (who Elektra supposedly killed last issue)--with Dillon illustrating The Punisher as only he can.

If you're not already aboard the regular Deadpool series, I'd highly recommend picking it up! With what occurs in the latest ish, Deadpool #12, it looks like we're set to explore the question of Deadpool's mysterious past and identity, as the barrier to a blocked off area of his memory comes down... It seems we may be about to tap back into what writer Joe Kelly introduced in his classic run in the first Deadpool ongoing, something I also wanna do if I get my shot at pitching for the Merc with a Mouth!

Speaking of Joe Kelly, he's recently been involved in bringing Deadpool to the world of the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon - and Wade Wilson will be making his debut there in Season 2, Episode 16 - airing in the US on July 7. You can find an interview with Kelly, talking to about it here, and a new teaser vid for the show here.

Meanwhile, back in the world of Wade Wilson's funnybooks - Deadpool #13 - "When Cometh the White Man" - out July 17 - is another retro-active flashback issue, following Deadpool #7's drunken Iron Man issue; it sees Deadpool teaming with Power Man & Iron Fist in the '70s, and looks like it could be a blast!

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