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Saturday, 1 June 2013

Deadpool - the story so far - Part 1

It's no secret that I'm gunning to work on Deadpool. Awhile back I re-read a stack of old Deadpool comics and wrote a pitch, which I'm waiting for the right time to make. If you're relatively new to the Merc with a Mouth, or would just like a trip down a very warped memory lane, are currently rolling out Deadpool's history in bite-sized chunks. You can check out parts 1-4 at the links below and I'll be adding more as they come up at the site.

The History of Deadpool Part 1

The History of Deadpool Part 2

The History of Deadpool Part 3

The History of Deadpool Part 4

Weapon X, Cable, Siryn, The Great Lakes Avengers, Wade's now-team-mate-in-the-Thunderbolts (although they want to kill each other) The Punisher, Captain America, saving the Earth, and a rivalry with Thanos for the affections of the love of their lives--the female embodiment of Death--all feature in Wade Wilson's checkered past; and as the only one crazy enough to also make a bee-line for Death's affections, the Mad God of Titan made damn sure that the Merc with a Mouth got taken out of that picture--for good.

But what if Deadpool and Death could get it together? (which would mean the unkillable Wade being dead) If you never checked out my Bootleg Deadpool hearts Death, you can find 'em below...

(Right-click on images and 'Open in New Tab' to enlarge)

And look for Bootleg Alcoholic Iron Man coming here soon!

[UPDATE 6/23/13:] You can now check out the rest of Deadpool's Story So Far here!

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