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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Interview with Make Mine Marvel

I recently did a live interview with Make Mine Marvel Facebook Group and some of their members. Here's the edited version... ;)

Shaun Chillz Murdock (Make Mine Marvel): Seems odd saying Welcome Sam, as ya such a familiar face to us all. But welcome on and thanks for taking time to chat with us!!!

Josh Miller (Make Mine Marvel): Howdy, Sam my man.

Shaun Chillz Murdock: So Sam what was it about comics that made you want to be a comic writer?

Sam Johnson: I was into comics as a kid, then as many do, left 'em at some point in my teen years... What Rob Liefeld was bringing to New Mutants caught my eye one day; and this was around the time I was deciding what I wanted to do, which was always gonna be writing-based...

Some Image studios ran Talent Search contests when I was back into comics, I entered them and decided this is what I wanna do.

Josh Miller: So you are clearly a Dead pool fan, what about that character draws you to him?

Sam Johnson: He's nuts, he's funny, dark, has depth, works in a grey area. What other supertype has voices in their head? COME ON! And it's 'Deadpool,' Josh, come on, let's get it right.

Shaun Chillz Murdock (MMM:) Ignore Josh, he's still trying to figure out how to use a touch screen phone lol

Josh Miller (MMM): it separates the words on its own!!

Shaun Chillz Murdock (MMM): Speaking of Deadpool, I heard you had some scripts for the Deadpool Team-Up series??? Can ya tell us about that??

Josh Miller (MMM): I know you love dead pool, is there any other character you have submitted work for?

Sam Johnson: I haven't submitted anything for Wade, I have a pitch written and I'm waiting for the right time to hopefully happen. I'd need to be much higher profile than I currently am to be a realistic consideration, but I've got series in the works, which is what I need to have to achieve that (as opposed to stuff in anthologies and one-shots, which is what I've had so far).

Jake Zimmanck: What up home usual question, you like Batman???

Sam Johnson: I quite like Batman, Jake, but I've never connected with DC the way I do with Marvel--except with Doom Patrol. Grant Morrison's weirdness on Doom Patrol is my biggest inspiration, that affects most of my creations to varying levels; the biggest one being the series I'm currently trying out an artist for. Peter David and Bendy [Brian Michael Bendis] are also influences on that.

Jake Zimmanck: Is it Deadpool being as crazy as you that drew you to him??

Sam Johnson: Lol, Jake, there's some similarity but not too much, I hope.

Tara Palin: I have a question, what do you expect from, if ever it happens, the Deadpool film?

Sam Johnson: If they go with this script they keep on about, I expect great things. Whether Ryan Reynolds' opening for his new movie is gonna be another spanner in the works with it, though, I don't know...

Dionisis Tavakis: I think with the right script Ryan Reynolds is perfect for the role.

Sam Johnson: I'm down with that, and I dig his enthusiasm for the character.

Jake Zimmanck: Ugh, why am the only one that hates Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool?

Tara Palin: I love Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool but he needs the costume. Deadpool is not a looker so I can't take him seriously.

Sam Johnson: No, well if they go with what Reynolds has been saying, it'll be the Wade we know and love, scars an' all.

Shaun Chillz Murdock(MMM): Better be!!!! The [X-Men] Origins [Wolverine] nonsense was a joke.

Sam Johnson: I think pretty much everyone feels that, Shaun, I'm sure Reynolds included.

Shaun Chillz Murdock (MMM): I know cause I'm cool lol, but tell us a bit about your own stuff!! Loved Almighties by the way. Classic humour very much suited for the merc with a mouth (you listening Marvel!!!!)

Sam Johnson: The Almighties was a lot of fun and we're working on two new Almighties one-shots, and speaking of Deadpool, one of these will see the introduction of my DP-parodying character Wayne Winston.

Tara Palin: I like Geek-Girl, it [the mini-series] will be worth the wait. When you created her, who or what was you inspiration, because she is pretty fit?

Sam Johnson: Yes, she is pretty fit, Tara. GG was one of a bunch of ideas of mine for an Image 'Who Wants to Create a Super-heroine' contest, I think it was as simple as thinking up concepts for that.

Josh Miller (MMM): Have you got any feedback from writers and artists about your work?

Sam Johnson: Yeah, Mike Carey dug Geek-Girl, Troy Hickman dug The Almighties... I'm a bit of a reviews whore, so it's generally more reviews than feedback, as such, Josh. The Almighties went down very well.

Shaun Chillz Murdock (MMM): Mike is great!!! Looking forward to picking up his novels. And that's good to hear, man.

Josh Miller (MmM): When will we see more of your work?!?

Sam Johnson: Almighties Origins should be the next thing, it may just be a little free download but it'll also set up the new Almighties #1. Cabra Cini: Voodoo Junkie Hitwoman has her own mini-series in the works, having appeared in a bunch of anthologies. If you're not familiar with her, you can read her debut free here.

Shaun Chillz Murdock (MMM): Any idea on [Almighties Origins'] release date? Any plans to parody any other characters?

Sam Johnson: Late 2013. The new Almighties #1 will actually be moving on from 'parody' to 'comedy', though. The main reason Diamond didn't go for the first one is that parody books are a tough market, and I want the new #1 in Previews and in comic shops.

Shaun Chillz Murdock (MMM): You still reading comics?? What's your favorite run at the moment?

Sam Johnson: Deadpool. I didn't care for the Dead Presidents arc, but since #7, writers Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan have found their 'Pool-voice, and Mike Hawthorne was a good addition to the art crew. Also, Thunderbolts. I've been impressed with both of new writer Charles Soule's issues so far!

Shaun Chillz Murdock (MMM): Agreed, same here, man!! Dead Presidents was ok. Been great chatting with ya. Ya know ya always welcome sharing any links etc here. Always grateful for the news on your Marvel NOW! [Facebook] page.

Sam Johnson: Cheers. Thanks for having me and to everyone for stopping by.

Josh Miller (MMM): I enjoyed the dead presidents lol but have a good one, Sam.

Sam Johnson: Cheers. Peace, out!

Jake Zimmanck: Thanks again, Sambo, you're the man, I appreciate all of your promo skillz. Much love, bro.

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