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Thursday, 2 January 2014

Deadpool Wedding album

[UPDATED 4.4.14:]

Deadpool #27 Mark Brooks Variant cover (Right click on image and 'Open in New Tab' to enlarge.)

Our little boy's all grown's up - Deadpool's getting married! April's giant-sized Deadpool #27 will see Wade Wilson tying the knot in its lead strip, written by regular Deadpool writers Brian Posehn & Gerry Duggan - and will also feature stories from former Deadpool writers including Fabian Nicieza, Mark Waid, Joe Kelly, Christopher Priest, Jimmy Palmiotti, Frank Tieri, Daniel Way and Victor Gischler!

(Right click on image and 'Open in New Tab' to enlarge.)

Now meet the Bride to Be - Shiklah, Queen of the Undead!... sprung from a mysterious package Deadpool was hired to deliver for Dracula, Lord of the Vampires. Long dormant, the dark and mysterious Shiklah has been released upon the Marvel Universe!

...Though there may be wedding bells for Wade and Shiklah in their future - right now she's engaged to Dracula - and he ain't interested in sharing!

The build-up to the Big Day continues in the Marvel Infinite digital comic Deadpool: The Gauntlet - available at the Marvel site here!

You can watch Duggan talking about Deadpool to Nerdist News in this video...

...and check out the Art Adams Detective Comics #27-riffing Deadpool #27 Variant, Preview art from some of the issue's back-up stories, and Mark Brooks' Deadpool #28 Honeymoon cover here...

(Right click on images and 'Open in New Tab' to enlarge.)

RSVP to the Marriage of the Century at the Deadpool Wedding Facebook Event here; and you can now check out Preview pages from Deadpool #27's wedding story here!


  1. seeing Deadpool getting married is horrible news for fangirls like me :(

  2. Its an april issue. And deadpool come on. April fools.he's going to kill her or a death do you part finish.

  3. I don't believe that crap.It don't make sense.Why would Deadpool kill her and getting married.That is not a april fool s sounds real to me.