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Saturday, 16 January 2016

Ms. F

[UPDATED: 1/30/16:]

Bitten by a radioactive dust mite and broken free from the shackles of her oppressive marriage, Katie Graeme is now swingin' super-heroine Ms. F!

Ms. F has issues...and she's gonna take them out on Crime!

My character Ms. F made her debut in H!M Comics' anthology IF-X vol.3 #1 before becoming a part of my & Mike Gagnon's comedic team book The Almighties, and I'm now (as well as working on more Almighties) developing Ms. F's own comic.

You can get a Free Ms. F Digital Comic that reprints her first appearance and will lead directly into her new book here; Fanboy Comics reviews it here; and check out the Semi-unhinged Swingin' Super-Heroine at her Facebook Page and on Twitter!

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