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Sunday, 4 December 2016

Geek-Girl #2

[UPDATED 12/15/16:]

Following the calamitous events of issue #1, Ruby and her BFF Summer head to a nightclub to get drunk and enjoy some much needed downtime. They weren't banking on meeting unhinged Alt Girl Nina Dante!

Geek-Girl #2 is out Dec 7, and UK peeps can order it with the button below! Or you can get the Digital Edition (UK, US & International) from Comixology here! The Limited Variant Edition features a cover by Carlos Villas, and an exclusive 1-page strip by myself and Matt Olson that sets up Geek-Girl #3!

US & International: you can order the Regular (print) and Limited Variant editions here (you can select different editions from the 'Format' dropdown menu).

(right-click on images and 'open in new tab' to enlarge)

Geek-Girl #2

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