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Friday, 3 February 2012

DEADPOOL #50 Preview

Here's a 4-page Preview of Deadpool #50: 'DEAD' Part 1...

(Right click on images and 'Open in New Tab' to enlarge.)

The Deadpool/Death Caption Contest is open 'til Tuesday, you can check out all four episodes of my unofficial 'Dead' prequel Bootleg Deadpool hearts Death below--and join me back here on Wednesday for my Deadpool #50 Review!


  1. Well, I'm sold. This looks like it could be genuinely awesome.

    So basically each of the players he's going to bring in are represented by a type of chess piece? X-Force his knights, so my guess is:

    Kingpin's the king.
    Typhoid Mary is the queen.
    Nick Fury is the bishop.
    Daken is the rook.

  2. Alright, the beginning sounds fun at least :P

    A telepath dared see into the mind of Deadpool? Are they crazy??? XD

    1. If they aren't, they will be should they wander for too long . . .