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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Deadpool #1 Preview Part 2: Dead Presidents

"I think all the old presidents are tough old bastards. They’re way tougher than George W. Bush would be if he was dead." Brian Posehn.

Deadpool #1 hits November 7th and kicks off Wade Wilson's first Marvel NOW! arc, in which dead Presidents have been 'undeaded' and are up to no good; and as it would be a PR disaster for the likes of the Avengers to get involved, the Merc with a Mouth is tasked with taking them down!

Marvel are starting to roll out previews on the former prez's Deadpool's gonna be up against, and issue #1 will see Wade take on Franklin Delano Roosevelt. In an excerpt taken from, Alex Zalben talks smack with the incoming Deadpool creative team of writers Brian Posehn & Gerry Duggan and artist Tony Moore about Wade Wilson's first Presidential opponent... FDR:

Gerry Duggan: He’s “Wheely Dangerous.”

Brian Posehn: “Rolling Thunder.” See? Because he’s in a wheelchair. That’s why he’s called “Rolling Thunder.”

Tony Moore: “Hell on Wheels”? Because he’s a possessed a wheelchair. There’s got to be a more intelligent joke in there somewhere, maybe “The Arsenal of Democracy”? Which is what he’d call his arms?

Posehn: “He’s going to beat Deadpool so bad he’ll wish he had polio.”

Duggan: “You’ll need a real shot in the arm to face FDR. A shot of the polio vaccine.”

Zalben: What baggage does FDR bring to this fight? What’s his history, and what should we be looking for?

Duggan: Maybe it’d be nice for him to finish a fight. He left World War II before it finished. Let’s say that staying power might be a question mark; Truman had to tag in and finish that big fight. Look for durability and stamina as question marks for Mr. Roosevelt.

Zalben: What’s Deadpool got to do to win? What's his ideal strategy here, and what's going to hold him back?

Posehn: The key to fighting a guy in a wheelchair is to make him immobile. Grab a stick, grab a katana, and stick it in his wheel. Then you pound on him. It’s stick and move.

Duggan: Here’s the thing, we’ve never seen a ghost in a wheelchair before. It would be very easy to underestimate him. I’m excited that we’re bringing something new to this genre. That’s the danger. Deadpool could, at first glance, get overconfident that this guy is already half dead.

Moore: Yeah, I mean just because the dude’s on wheels doesn’t mean he couldn’t be dangerous. Monster trucks have wheels, and so do a lot of robots.

Duggan: [and let's not forget:] FDR beat up Hitler. Let’s say that the odds are in Deadpool’s favor, but only by two to one.

Watch this space for more on Deadpool versus dead prez's. Everything I've seen and heard from the Marvel NOW! Deadpool team has me looking forward to the book; if you didn't catch the 4-page Deadpool #1 Preview, you can find that here!

And check out my Marvel NOW! Deadpool Facebook Fanpage for more on the new Deadpool series!

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