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Monday, 19 March 2012

The Almighties - Meet Stefanos!

[UPDATED 12.15.15]

Here's an early sketch and some finished panels from The Almighties #1.

As well as being a member of The Almighties, Stefanos simultaneously does work for The White House and runs a kebab shop. Fear the end of his kebab!

Little else is known about Stef, but he recently did an interview with The Maryland Mentioner, and here's an excerpt:

MM: Some people might raise an eyebrow that you’ve been headhunted by two super-teams – not having any powers yourself. What would you say to those people?

S: Batman don’t have powers. ‘I’m Batman.’ … Not literally.

MM: Fair enough. So, with working for The Almighties added to your roster, along with running your shop and S.H.A.T. Is that it for Stefanos?

S: Yes, that’s enough. You don’t want do too much. Look at Wade Wilson, he was most popular guy on block for awhile. Now he wants to kill himself. Anyways, I have to go, my nephew is burning the french fries.

MM: Stefanos, thanks for your time!

[You can check out the rest of Stef's interview in The Maryland Mentioner here.]

Stef’s also recently joined Twitter! @DonorFellas

You can join The Almighties Facebook Group for all Almighties News & Previews--and if you didn't catch the First Look at the book, and the rest of the team, you can check them out here!

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