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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe #2 Review

In this What If?-style parallel reality tale, thanks to super-villain Psycho Man, Wade Wilson a.k.a. Deadpool, the Merc with a Mouth has had the relatively harmless voices in his head replaced by a new one; one that's driving him to destroy the tights 'n' capes of the Marvel Universe; heroes or villains--whatev's--they're ALL gonna get it!...



After offing Psycho Man, The Fantastic Four and The Watcher last issue, Ghost Rider, Doctor Doom, The Beast and Howard the Duck are among those who have 'bought it' at the hands of Deadpool since then (Howard's been cooked). This is relayed to us by The Beast's former girlfriend/news reporter Trish Tilby, before we jump right into where Wade's at now on his killing spree: taking on Spider-Man!

With Deadpool hanging onto Spidey's leg in an aerial battle, nicely rendered by artist Dalibor Talajic (whose art style fits the feel of the book very well), it looks as though Wade and his sword might be outclassed by Spider-Man and his webs--which soon send Deadpool plummeting into the bonnet of a cop car. Spidey proclaims that Wade's lucky he doesn't kill him for what he's done. Climbing to his feet as his healing factor gets to work, Deadpool counters that 'they' wouldn't let Spidey break character, even if he wanted to. Dismissing Deadpool's words as meaningless banter, the web-slinger berates Wade for 'stealing' his wise-cracking 'routine,' and just adding blades to the equation--which hasn't proven to be a match for Spidey's ablities. Wade pulls his gun, and it's Spider-brains all over the sidewalk...

Stumbling off, asking the voice in his head for his next target, the voice replies that it doesn't matter who's next; they all have to die. But, illustrating that he's not simply blindly following 'Voicy', Deadpool argues that it does matter. He needs something big & meaty--that's the Merc with a Mouth's style... But the voice says that's 'old Deadpool' talking; spectacle is what 'they' want; he doesn't have to play their game anymore. Deadpool argues that he's already broken free of 'their' chains; 'they' wouldn't have let him kill the wall-crawler. This is what he wants... Something big...

And that something comes in the form of Iron Man, Captain America, Ms. Marvel, Thor, Spider-Woman, Wolverine, Luke Cage and Hawkeye--the Avengers now assembled to take him down. But Wade's got hold of some of the 'Pimp Articles' that he squandered in the regular series' recent 'Deadpool Reborn' arc, and before the Avengers can say, "What's that floating in my coffee?" Earth's Mightiest go boom!!!

When the last of the smoke clears there's only The Mighty Thor left standing--and Deadpool's a little conflicted about offing him, as he's unsure about who's 'pulling Thor's strings.' But he brushes this concern aside and utilizes the 'Pimp Articles' once more--to devastating effect on the God of Thunder. There's more discussion between Wade and the voice in his head as they justify their actions with the belief that Deadpool is the only one that sees things how they are; they're all just puppets--and having managed to break free of his 'strings' thanks to his new head-buddy, Wade has done the Avengers a favor!

Only, there's a sometime-Avenger who's shown up late for the party; enter The Hulk, promptly tearing Wade's head off, before going to rest in a cave.

Hulk may just have proven to be more than Deadpool can handle, but when Hulk sleeps, there is Hulk no more... there is only Bruce Banner. And Deadpool's healing factor having now done its job + puny Banner equals...

... 'Work' over for the day... Is there no-one who can stop this madman's maniacal rampage?!?


Aunt May...

...and the fallen heroes' other bereaved have got together and pooled their resources to hire someone who just might be able to do the job...

...which is good because although Deadpool's using his smarts rather than solely relying on shooting and stabbing, Cullen Bunn's script feels like it's letting the Merc have things too easy. The introduction of this new antagonist should be a game-changer--though it's unfortunate that both he and the 'Pimp Articles' were so recently used in Deadpool #55-#57, lessening the impact they'll make here on regular Deadpool readers... But the central driving force in this mini-series, pushing the envelope of Deadpool's Fourth Wall-breaking capabilities, belies the impression of senseless violence that could be assumed of this title, and if a rumor I've heard about who the Merc with a Mouth's final target is gonna be proves true... Well, let's just say there's a reason, other than the obvious one, why the book's called Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe.

Join me back here next Wednesday for my review of Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe #3, and if you haven't been following Deadpool's regular book and haven't had enough spoilers, you'll be able to work out who's hired to take Deadpool down and what the hell 'Pimp Articles' are by checking out my review of Deadpool ##57 here!

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