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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Deadpool #1, Captain America #1, X-Men: Legacy #1, Thor #1, Hulk #1, Iron Man #1, FF #1's - Marvel NOW! New Creative Teams Interviews!

You can now find Interviews with some of the Marvel NOW! creative teams, talking about their relaunches, by clicking on the links below! [UPDATED 8/10/12:]

Brian Posehn, Gerry Duggan and Tony Moore talk Deadpool with IGN.

Writer Si Spurrier talks the unexpected star of X-Men Legacy with

Writer Rick Remender chats to about Captain America.

Writer Jason Aaron talks Thor with Newsarama.

Mark Waid and Leinil Yu @ CBR on The Indestructible Hulk.

Writer Kieron Gillen talks Iron Man with Newsarama.
Writer Matt Fraction @ USA Today on taking on the Fantastic Four and the all-new FF.

And you'll find loads more on Marvel NOW! here!

Deadpool aside, X-Men: Legacy is the book I'm personally looking forward to most out of these. As I touched on in my previous Marvel NOW! post, I got turned off most of the X-books as they were too insular for my tastes, generally being about mutant vs. mutant. What's going to be happening with them as part of Marvel NOW! looks to be a bold move away from that and I'm eagerly looking forward to checking some of them out. Meanwhile, with Deadpool the book I have the vested interest in, I'm going to focus a little more on that in this post. Let's take a look at the promo blurb for Deadpool #1...

"This November, Wade Wilson gets into a whole world of trouble like you’ve never seen before in Deadpool #1, kicking off the all-new ongoing series from the blockbuster creative team of writers & comedians Brian Posehn (The Sara Silverman Program), Gerry Duggan (Attack of the Show!, Infinite Horizon) and superstar artist Tony Moore (The Walking Dead)! As part of Marvel NOW!, Deadpool joins a number of titles that will take the Marvel Universe in an exciting all-new direction, as the industry’s top creators join the top Super Heroes to deliver all-new ongoing series, great for new and veteran readers alike!

"Washington, D.C. is in turmoil when dead former U.S. Presidents – from George Washington to Gerald Ford – are resurrected and the heroes of the Marvel Universe can’t be the ones to stop them! There’s only one other person that has the reputation, skills, and plausible deniability to handle these com-monsters in chief…NOW! is the time for Deadpool! In Wade We Trust!

"An all-new direction! All-new threats! All-new chimichangas! This is Deadpool NOW!

"This November, Brian Posehn, Gerry Duggan, & Tony Moore bring new meaning to the name “Merc with a Mouth” in Deadpool #1!"

I have no idea what that last part means, and this is very different to what I've got in mind for the Merc; though, like Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe, it does connect with one of the ideas, and also like DP Kills..., I'm glad to see it doesn't render mine redundant! ;) This looks like it's gonna be fun and I'm enthused at Deadpool getting a new supporting cast. Bring it, fellas!

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