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Wednesday, 6 June 2012


Nick Fury is currently assembling Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in the Avengers movie – but what if a more questionable character put together his own skewed take on the world’s greatest super-team…or just threw together whoever was available?

Great effort and care has been put into assembling Fury’s crew, but when the threats are too pressing for that, the somewhat unhinged White Out – aided and abetted by his lobotomized butler Chives - hires Maxi-Tron, Ms. F, Mason, Nite Fang and…Stefanos. And a super-arrogant field leader, former-downtrodden-housewife with ‘issues,’ borderline-psychotic merc, self-centered punk and…a kebab shop owner join together to become our ‘ultimate defence.’

With comedic nods to all the big Marvel events of recent years – from Civil War to Fear Itself, 'The Avengers meet Family Guy via South Park' as The Almighties amass in their debut comic, where you can expect comedy, offbeat action and adventure!

Written by myself & Mike Gagnon, illustrated by Eleonora Kortsarz, Pablo Zambrano & D.C. White, The Almighties #1 is OUT NOW in $3.99 regular and Avenger-movie-poster parody Variant editions, and $1.99 Digital Edition! Published by Actuality Press, 32 pages, full color, and rated Teen+

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Here's what the critics are saying about The Almighties...

"If you want a smile on your face, this is the book for you!" Wayne Hall, SciFi Pulse.

"Absolutely hilarious, a downright funny comic that mirrors the Avengers, just a slightly cracked mirror!" Billy Dunleavy, Comic Attack

"One of the funniest comics you'll ever read!" Glenn B. Fleming, Crikey!

"It had me laughing from start to finish. Go buy it now!" Rob the Wrecker, Comic Booked

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You can check out a full review at Fanboy Comics, listen to myself and The Almighties' Mike Gagnon and Kris Johnson talking about the book on Kris's Bizarre Comicast, and see a new interview with Mike and I at World of Superheroes.

The Almighties #1 isn't available in comic shops now - you can get it in $3.99 regular and Avengers movie poster-parody Variant editions from this site in the UK here; in the US at and where you can also check out free-to-read Almighties Origins! And the $1.99 Digital Edition is available now at and

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