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Sunday, 29 July 2012

Deadpool on Facebook

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With anticipation for Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe high, The Merc with a Mouth has been bringing all the boys and girls to the yard lately, my blog getting over 1,300 hits in the last three days; and out of the kindness of his heart, Wade Wilson has now 'officially' endorsed the Blog, so I'm gonna share the love and plug his Facebooks... Here're my 'Pool-related FB pages, plus the biggest...
...Deadpool Fanpage--which I don't run but I can vouch for the guy what does. ;)

Deadpool Crew - my long-running FB Group, where our 2,000+ members talk and post all kinds of Merc with a Mouth crap. You can Join the Group here!

Deadpool Reborn Fanpage - Deadpool's healing factor's gone and he's mortal! And pretty! Celebrating a new era for the Merc with a Mouth...

Deadpool Team-Up Fanpage - Wade's own team-up book may have been canned but that ain't gonna stop him! Wade's back for another one in September & October's Avenging Spider-Man #12-#13, written by Robot Chicken's Kevin Shinick! But who's he teaming with, Spidey or Hypno-Hustler?!

And Hypno' and a bunch of loser-villains who've taken on Deadpool in the past have, along with Squirrel Girl and Howard the Duck, recently formed the All Winners Squad for a comedy webshow, and you can check out their Facebook Fanpage and the Pilot for the show here! Excelsior!

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