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Saturday, 22 September 2012

Actuality Press

For UK orders, click here.

Actuality Press has expanded its line, and to celebrate, if you now order Geek-Girl #0 or (either version of) The Almighties #1, you can order the other with no extra shipping cost, and all copies go out signed by me.

Preview: The Almighties #1 (click) Preview: Geek-Girl #0 (click)

The Almighties #1 plus Geek-Girl #0 - US/CANADA: $6.49 USD (+ $8.50 Shipping)
Geek-Girl #0 plus The Almighties #1 Ltd Variant Edn - US/CANADA: $12.49 USD (+ $8.50 Shipping)
The Almighties #1 both editions - US/CANADA: $13.49 USD (+ $8.50 Shipping)

(Individual comics can be ordered here.)

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