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Saturday, 1 December 2012

Deadpool #3 Preview & 6-page Thunderbolts #1 Preview + Geek-Girl & Mr. Mash-Up!

Deadpool #3 and the first issue of the Merc with a Mouth's other Marvel NOW! book, Thunderbolts, both hit on Wednesday - and you can check out a Preview of each below, including the snazzy new Thunderbolts #1 Hastings Variant cover and six pages of T-Bolts (the first four courtesy of Comic Book Resources).

(Right-click on images and Open in New Tab to enlarge)

Meanwhile--with Deadpool's Brian Posehn & Gerry Duggan having stated they're on the book for the long haul, and if his track record on 'Pool is any indicator, writer Daniel Way may be the same for Thunderbolts, my Deadpool pitch done and my take on Wade Wilson waiting patiently on the shelf--my focus is back on two of my own characters...

Hot-college-chick-turned-super-powered-super-klutz Geek-Girl, and her mysterious enemy Mr. Mash-Up! The $1.00 Digital Edition of Geek-Girl #0 has just been launched, with the new print edition also made available again, and a new GG #0 Variant Edn and Mr. Mash-Up #0 are on their way...

You can check out Previews and order them at the brand new Geek-Girl website, !

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