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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Almighties Origins and Reloaded now at over 1,000 downloads!

"The Almighties are definitely one of the strangest superhero teams out there."

As a huge fan of 'The World's Strangest Superheroes,' the Doom Patrol, this line brought a smile to my face, and I was also happy to learn today that the new Doom Patrol will be making their DC New 52 debut in tomorrow's Justice League #30 (with their chief Niles Caulder now apparently wheelchair-free and resembling a young Noel Edmonds); something I've been hanging out for since they teased it in Justice League #24. I really enjoyed writer Geoff Johns' previous take on the team in Teen Titans, and I'm looking forward to seeing what he brings to this new incarnation.

[UPDATED 5/21/14:] Well it turns out the panel below was it for the new DP in Justice League #30, so we're gonna have to wait a bit longer to see more of them. In the meantime, there's this.

Grant Morrison and Richard Case's out-there work on Doom Patrol, back in the day, remains one of my favorite comic runs ever, and is the biggest inspiration for my work; a particular influence on Cabra Cini: Voodoo Junkie Hitwoman, but also to be found in Geek-Girl and The Almighties.

Mike Gagnon and I are currently working on an Almighties mini-series and the “Johnson and Gagnon are having a lot of fun making this comic and it really shows” quote from Blog the Blummin’ Doors Off's review of The Almighties #1 is certainly still the case. I'm really enjoying working on the comedic adventures of former downtrodden housewife with anger issues, MS. F; mercenary with psychotic tendencies, Mason; cocky British punk/werewolf, Nite Fang; armored egomaniac Maxi-Tron; and kebab shop owner Stefanos; as well as their new teammate-to-be.

Still in its very early stages, I can't give much away about the mini, but you can find a little of it teased at The Almighties Facebook Group. In the meantime, we're also finishing putting things together for the team's next outing, The Almighties #0, which The Almighties Recharged Reloaded Reduxed previews; and I was pleased to hear that and Origins have passed the 1,000 downloads mark. If you haven't got your free digital copy yet, you can get it here. :)

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