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Thursday, 28 August 2014

The Almighties News

MS. F - a former downtrodden housewife with anger issues, MASON - a mercenary with psychotic tendencies, NITE FANG - a cocky British punk, MAXI-TRON an armored egomaniac, and... STEFANOS...a guy who runs a takeout.

The Almighties #1 has just hit Comixology and picked up this review at IGN: "For some this may be comedic gold while for others this could be seen as borderline offensive." For me, in my unbiased opinion, it's more of the former ;) but you can decide for yourself if you pick it up at Comixology here. :)

One of my favorite quotes on The Almighties - for Almighties Origins - is “Johnson and Gagnon are having a great time and a lot of fun making this comic and it really shows!” Blog the Blummin’ Doors Off. I can attest to this, and if you'd like to see whether the book's for you before taking the plunge into issue #1, the FREE Almighties Origins is still available, and you can get it at Drive-Thru Comics here. :)

This previews The Almighties #0, which comes out later this year, and while co-creator/co-writer Mike Gagnon, artist Eleonora Kortsarz and I are working on an Almighties mini-series, I'm currently looking into comics to potentially do a one-shot crossover book with, to follow The Almighties #0.

If you wanna keep up on Almighties News & Previews, you can find it all at our Facebook Group here. :)

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