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Saturday, 2 July 2016

Cabra Cini: Voodoo Junkie Hitwoman Preview

[UPDATED 3/19/17:]
I've been working for some time with a number of artists including Bruno Letizia, R.D. Ricci, Jorge Oliveira and Fernando Melek to bring to life the bizarre, horrific world of Cabra Cini (pronounced 'Carbraa Cheenee')... and issue #1 of her Mature Readers mini-series will be hitting late-2017. Here's a Preview!

(right-click on images and 'open in new tab' to enlarge)

Using her own bastardized version of voodoo magik, Cabra now lives her life as a supernatural hitwoman-for-hire. One of the tricks she's learned is utilizing the dimension know as The Infinity - 'Limbo's crazy cousin, locked away in the attic' - as a shortcut between where she is and wherever she needs to go. The ruler of the dimension, The Rook, doesn't appreciate Cabra doing so and attacks her physically and psychologically whenever she abuses his dimension this way...

But things hit much closer to home for Cabra when her neighborhood in Detroit gets targeted by 'White Out', an insane Neo-Nazi - who may or may not be a ghost...

Cabra has cleaned up her act, got a new life, friends, and a would-be lover - but thanks to White Out, all of that's now on the line...

You can get the Free Digital Cabra comic, Dark New Year - which leads into the Mini-Series - and also features more Previews material - here! And join the Cabra Facebook Group here for news on issue #1's release!

“This is something new altogether. I give it my recommendation. Strongly.” -Michael Wearden, Mike's Comic Blog.

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