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Saturday, 27 May 2017

Geek-Girl #4 - all three teasers and soundtrack!?

Mysterious super-villain Lightning Storm came out of nowhere and hospitalized Maine's long-term resident super-heroes, Neon Girl and Pit Bull. Neon Girl tasked new-hero-on-the-block Ruby Kaye a.k.a. Geek-Girl with finding and stopping her. As Lightning Storm's threat escalates, it's time for Ruby to deliver. Ready or not.

Geek-Girl #4 is Out Now, and you can check out the teasers at the links below.

Geek-Girl #4 Teaser #1

Geek-Girl #4 Teaser #2

Geek-Girl #4 Teaser #3

One of the reasons I signed to publisher Markosia is I'm aiming to get a Geek-Girl movie made, and they can help with that, having already had some of their other projects picked up for film/TV.

I've always had Leona Lewis' emotional cover of Snow Patrol's Run in mind for the climax of a Geek-Girl movie, and you can see how that feels if you press play on it here when you get to Page 7 (below) while reading Geek-Girl #4.

The story title for Geek-Girl #4, 'Run', is taken from this song, and it's what Ruby feels like she wants to do, faced with the huge threat of Lightning Storm. But best friend Summer is there for her, routing for her, willing her to be the hero she knows Ruby can - so when you hear the lyrics while reading the comic, think of them from Summer's point of view.

I like the feel of it and I hope you do, too. Let me know what you think. And if you haven't got Geek-Girl #4 yet, it's available in Regular, Variant, Digital and Super-Limited Variant editions here at the Geek-Girl site, along with the other three issues of the Mini-Series.

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  1. Sam Years ago I did this 3d image of Geek Girl you can see it here