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Monday, 30 August 2021

Geek-Girl - New Issues Sneak Peek!

Hi folks, approximately half of C Granda's art and Chunlin Zhao's coloring are done on Geek-Girl #8 & #9- and here's a sneak peek: from a scene where Ruby and team-mate Tyler get a visit from their boss's right-hand man Digger Mensch - and it seems they may have a conflict of interests...

...And Cabra Cini: Voodoo Junkie Hitwoman takes a gig that will have major repercussions for Geek-Girl's Super-Team...
And while Granda and Chunlin continue working on issues #8 & #9, I've started scripting #10, which will see a new character introduced and an older one return - teaming up to find... well let's not get ahead of ourselves... more on issues #8 & #9 soon.

:) Sam

Sunday, 25 July 2021


Hi, Geek-Girl artist C Granda and colorist Chunlin Zhao have been working hard on the new issues of Geek-Girl (and I've been working on these and beyond!) and we're nearly ready to Preview some of the weirdness coming Ruby Kaye's way - and yours - in October.

Watch this space. 😉

-Sam Johnson, creator/writer, Geek-Girl.

Sunday, 30 May 2021

Geek-Girl Kickstarter ends soon!

The Kickstarter's now in its FINAL 24 HOURS - with Jump-On TPB, new and previous issues - and you can get to it here!

:) Sam

Monday, 3 May 2021

Big Week for Comics!

 There are some MAJOR releases out this week:

The Batman/Fortnite Zero Point juggernaut rolls on with issue #2 and a 2nd Print of #1.

Marvel's new big event begins with Heroes Reborn #1. The world has been remade - The Squadron Supreme are now the premiere Super-Team, villains have had mash-ups (Dr. [Doom] Juggernaut), the heroes we love are leading very different lives, and The Avengers never existed...

Except they did - because Blade remembers them...

Dynamite has a big release in Invincible Red Sonja #1 - a new ongoing for Sonja written by Harley Quinn's Amanda Conner & Jimmy Palmiotti with art by Moritat.

The new #1 comes in multiple variants including the Cosplay one pictured, and sees Sonja embark on a journey filled with pirates, mermaids, princesses, and intrigue, as the threat of two kingdoms hangs in the balance.

What could happen in between Boba Fett encasing Han Solo in carbonite and shipping him to Jabba the Hutt?

A LOT - as the new major Star Wars crossover begins with War of the Bounty Hunters: Alpha - available in multiple variants. 

Meanwhile, we're into the second week of my Geek-Girl Kickstarter featuring the new Jump-On Team Geek-Girl TPB - collecting the first 5 issues of Ruby Kaye's new direction fronting a Super-Team; new issues - featuring Cabra Cini: Voodoo Junkie Hitwoman and introducing potential nemesis, super-tech-wielding crooked valley girl Mean Girl; and all previous issues and TPBs.

The Kickstarter's a great place to get on board the Geek-Girl series if you aren't already; plus NEW Rewards have just been added, and you can check those out and get to the Kickstarter here!

Sunday, 2 May 2021

THREE New Rewards added to the Geek-Girl Kickstarter!

Thank you to everyone who's already backed and shared the campaign - we're over 50% funded at less than a week into the launch!

It's time for some New Rewards!
REWARD #13: John Royle Collectors Pack. Geek-Girl #1 (Mini-Series) Ltd Variant and HOT S Ltd Variant, Oz: Heart of Magic #1 Variant, and Vampirella: Dark Powers #1 Virgin Variant - all with cover art by John Royle (Danger Girl, G.I.Joe)!

REWARD #16: COMPLETE Geek-Girl Collectors Pack. First Prints of EVERY Geek-Girl Regular, Variant, Ltd Variant, Virgin and Super-Ltd Variant - including First Print variants of the hard-to-find b&w Geek-Girl #0.

Only ONE of these rewards available!

REWARD #15: "Pub?" At the beginning of the Team Geek-Girl arc, a guy dabbling in the occult takes a bullet - but survives. This leads to him hiring Cabra Cini: Voodoo Junkie Hitwoman to find the perpetrator; and YOU and a friend or partner can get drawn into the pub scene in Geek-Girl #8 where the deal goes down that will result in supernatural gun-for-hire Cabra making a huge impact on the lives of GG's Super-Team!

Only TWO of these rewards available!

You can get to all rewards at the link below, and if you've already backed and would like to get either of these Rewards, just click the link and select Manage Pledge on the top-right of the page it takes you to; you'll then be able to change your pledge.

:) Sam

Sunday, 25 April 2021

Big Comeback Week in Comics/TV News!

In the week that Batman/Fortnite Zero Point #1 blew up, and did that elusive thing of bringing new people into comic shops, there's been a ton of comebacks announced in what has been a fantastic week in comics/TV news...

Netflix heroes return!

Marvel is bringing Charlie Cox as Daredevil, Jon Bernthal as The Punisher, Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones, and Vincent D’Onofrio as The Kingpin - to the Marvel Cinematic/Disney+ universe. I love Ritter as Jessica Jones and with what they've been doing with Wandavision and Falcon and The Winter Soldier, I'm excited to see what will happen with this crew!

Doom Patrol

New characters keep getting announced for the the third season of the Doom Patrol TV series; with Madame Rouge and the Dead Boy Detectives already lined up, it's now been revealed that The Sisterhood of Dada will also be joining the show...

Known as The Brotherhood of Dada in the original comics, despite being a mixed-sex group, the team will now be known as the Sisterhood (ditto).

Some of them have been revamped, and they comprise Sleepwalk - who has the powers of Superman but only when asleep; The Fog - who can absorb people into his gaseous form; Frenzy - "a sculptor of strange life-like masks who is covered with tattoos and scars, the memories and injustices that immortalize his life, and who has the capacity for extreme devastation;" The Quiz - a germaphobe who has every power you've never thought of; and Malcolm - "a quiet, sensitive and thoughtful soul who would often rather be invisible than face this unforgiving world."

Frenzy, and Malcolm - also known as Agent "!" in the comics, have undergone the biggest revamps, along with the group's name. Previously a group of anarchists led by Mr Nobody, Nobody appears to be AWOL from the TV series now.

Doc Ock

Also making a comeback is Doctor Octopus. I really enjoyed Otto Octavius' runs as the Superior Spider-Man, but after making a deal with Mephisto to save a kid's life at the end of the second series, Ock is back to his old self - and I'm looking forward to seeing where we go with him next...

(right-click on image and open in new tab to enlarge)

In July, new Spider-Man event Sinister War, written by regular Amazing Spider-Man writer Nick Spencer, will see Dock Ock's new Sinister Six take on The Vulture's Savage Six for villainous supremacy.

Peter David brings back classic eras

Still on Spidey, fan-favorite writer Peter David will be taking the web-slinger to The Crossroads in the next Symbiote Spider-Man Mini-Series starting in July. 

The Crossroads, a nexus to infinite alien dimensions, previously saw an animalistic incarnation of The Hulk banished there by Dr. Strange to prevent him doing any further harm on Earth; and with characters like The Puffball Collective, Klaatu the Energy Eater and parts of the Hulk's subconscious manifested as entities Glow, Guardian and Goblin, the Crossroads arc, written by Bill Mantlo, remains one of the most unique runs of the Hulk series, and one of my favorites.

Also in July, beginning in X-Men Legends #5, David is returning to his original incarnation of X-Factor for a new story starring Havok, Polaris, Wolfsbane, Strong Guy, Quicksilver, Multiple Man and their government liaison Val Cooper. This story will see X-Factor being blamed for mutants taking hostages following an incident at the Latverian Embassy, and will unfurl events...from their individual points of view.

Peter David's original run on X-Factor, like Grant Morrison's run on Doom Patrol, is one of my influences - and this influence has helped shape Geek-Girl's new Super-Team and the feel of their coming together... which leads me neatly to:

New Geek-Girl Kickstarter

My biggest personal news from the week is that the new Geek-Girl Kickstarter has been approved for launch on Tuesday April 27, 2021 - featuring the Brand New issues #8 & #9 in Regular, Digital & Ltd Variant Editions; Team Geek-Girl TPB - collecting the first five issues of Geek-Girl's New Direction fronting a Super-Team; plus all previous issues & TPBs!


Geek-Girl's Super-Team come together and take on mega-tool-wielding Digger Mensch, some of the weirdness of their HQ is revealed, there's Cabra Cini: Voodoo Junkie Hitwoman, and we're introducing potential nemesis Mean Girl!

There'll be Previews on that to come, but if you're already registered on Kickstarter - you can log in at then click here and hit the green button at the link to be notified as soon as we launch!

And if you haven't used Kickstarter before, here's what you need to do to get set!

Hope to see you at the launch!

:) Sam

Friday, 16 April 2021

Geek-Girl #5 Deluxe Edition and Geek-Girl: Incoming Out Now

The beginning of Ruby Kaye’s New Direction fronting a Super-Team is now available, remastered, with 12 pages of New Material, in the Geek-Girl #5 Deluxe Edition with cover by Sun Khamunaki (Lady Death, Red Sonja); and, releasing simultaneously, Geek-Girl: Incoming features just the new material from this.


We’re going to be introducing two new characters coming to the Geek-Girl series as Ruby’s Super-Team embarks on their adventures. Mean Girl – a crooked valley girl with super-tech – is setting herself up to potentially be a nemesis for GG; and Pete the Pimp is set to play a significant role in Summer’s life!

That doesn’t mean Summer will be turning to prostitution :) Ruby’s BFF Summer is basically in love with the whole Ruby-being-a-Superheroine thing, and she desperately wants something like it for herself… This ambition is set to take her down some dark alleys, among which, the shady Pete ‘The Pimp’ Stenson resides… and he has a connection to a source of super-powers…

Stenson features in a 7-Page tie-in strip illustrated by Meisha Mimotofu, colored by regular Geek-Girl series colorist Chunlin Zhao, alongside a preview of Mean Girl’s introduction, and a peek inside the Super-Team’s HQ. There’s a lot about the HQ that Ruby and her team-mates aren’t aware of; Grant Morrison’s out-there run on Doom Patrol is my biggest influence, and that’s going to play a part in the weirdness that inhabits this place…

 (Right-click on images and open in new tab to enlarge)

Meanwhile, Mean Girl is a character who, with her, ‘like, totally-Valley-Girl-speak?’ is a character that’s great fun to write, but is also going to present a very serious threat to GG’s Team, and the Geek-Girl #5 Deluxe Edition is a great place to jump on board the Geek-Girl series for what’s to come…

Geek-Girl #5 Deluxe Edition - and Ltd ‘Striking’ Variant – with covers by Sun Khamunaki, and Geek-Girl: Incoming, featuring the new material from these, are available now at or at Comixology (for Digital Editions) and eBay via the buttons below.

:) Sam