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Sunday 17 December 2023

Coming to the pages of Geek-Girl in 2024!

Hi, artist C Granda, colorist Chunlin Zhao, letterer Paul McLaren, and myself (creator/writer) have been working on new Geek-Girl stuff for awhile, and we're ready to share a sneek peak at some of what's coming GG's way in 2024!
New villain Identity Thief has literally stolen Geek-Girl's identity - find out what that means in the Fake Geek-Girl #1-shot which goes on general release, along with Geek-Girl #12, in February 2024.

If you backed on Kickstarter, you'll already have these ahead of their general release, and coming to the New Kickstarter - also in February 2024 - will be Geek-Girl #13-#14, the concluding issues of the Identity Crisis arc - along with all previous issues for anyone who missed them!
Former League of Larcenists members Chromex and Numb Nuts, along with Dog Woman, are attempting to free The League's boss Pig Head and form a new League!

And, aiming to get super-powers so she can join Geek-Girl's new team, Ruby Kaye's BFF Summer hooks up with members of the power-sharing Hive - but she doesn't know what she's in for!
(Pre-Colors Preview Page - click on to enlarge)

Glassy Lady and much more coming to the pages of Geek-Girl in 2024!

Have a great Christmas and New Year, and see you on the other side!

:) Sam

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