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Thursday, 3 June 2010

Before we move onto future things, I thought it'd be cool to have links to all my existing comics on here. I was lucky enough to make my comics debut in the prestigious anthology Negative Burn a couple of years back. Negative Burn #20 features my first Gold Town story: which is about a like-Hollywood-but-more-fucked-up town steeped in urban legend, and is also the place where wannabe-actress 'Alexandria'--the bandaged chick in the post below--resides. This debut story--"Little Janice Wants to be a Star"--sees a father travelling to this messed-up place in search of his missing daughter, who moved there looking for fame and fortune as an actress.

H!M Comics' IF-X vol.1 #6 features Cabra Cini: Voodoo Junkie Hitwoman's b&w debut, ahead of the in-the-works colored version (see post below), and IF-X vol.1 #8 features a pre-Geek-Girl #0 appearance from GG villain Mr. Mash-Up, set on his homeworld--so if you're intrigued by his mysterious showing in GG, this is the place to see where he's come from. It also debuts his adventure-loving girlfriend Delfi Matrix!

IF-X vol.2 #3 features Cabra Cini's second story--which sees her taking on Spanish werewolf El Hombre Lobo--and also has a smokin' Cabra Pin-Up on the back cover; and for those that haven't already made her acquaintance, Geek-Girl is 'Little Miss Popular' Ruby Kaye: who lands a pair of super-tech glasses--invented by college geek Trevor Goldstein--in a game of Strip Poker, and is granted flight, super-strength, and--due to a flaw in the glasses' programming--super-klutziness.

If you click on the names of any of the comics above, they'll link you to Previews and/or sites where you can buy them (clicking on Geek-Girl will take you to Geek-Girl #0, where you'll also find an Indy Planet button which links to a 4-page Preview). :)

A new Gold Town story, a third Cabra Cini one, and a 4-issue Geek-Girl mini-series are all in the works. Watch this space. ;)


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