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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Almighties News!

[UPDATED 12/14/15:]

"I look forward to seeing what these guys could do once somebody gives them their two hundred million dollars to do Almighties Amass!" Michael Marcus, What Culture.

The Almighties is What Culture's '10 Obscure Comic Book Titles That Deserve To Be Movies' Number 1 pick! Check out their feature here!

"One of the funniest origin stories you’ll ever read. Any time you can incorporate an 'A-Team' reference into a comic book, you know it’s gonna be a good one!" Billy Dunleavy, Comic Attack.

Almighties Origins has just got a great new review at Comic Attack - check it out here!

The Almighties #1 & #0 are available at, and Almighties Origins is also available at Drive-Thru comics - get it FREE here!
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