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Monday, 17 February 2014

The Almighties woefully omitted from CBR's fav. Barack Obama comic appearances!...

...or: 'Hangover Monday'*...

Stumbling upon Comic Book Resources' latest poll, 'What's your favorite Barack Obama comic book appearance?', I nearly choked on my chicken! Fully expecting The Big B's guest-star-ation in my own The Almighties #1 to be firmly in the running, I eagerly scanned the list...

Thunderbolts #128-129... Yeah, that was a good one, where then-T-Bolts-controller Norman Osborn tricked a sceptical Barack into believing he and the Green Goblin where two separate people, despite Normie having already been publicly revealed as Spidey's nemesis...

Amazing Spider-Man #583... a cheesy one in which Spidey saves the Prez but determines Obama would have been 'just fine' anyway, what with him being so gosh-darned-aces, 'an all... Not a great one, but high profile, and maybe comic book fan Obama's first foray into the world of four-color fictional fun... so yeah, that'll be in.

Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters #1... Skyman #1... The Other Dead #1...?!? There's... there's no Almighties! Just what are these pompous, pinheaded poindexters trying to pull here?!? I don''t think 'The Other Dead #1' is even a real comic - !?!

The Big B played an integral role in The Almighties #1 - so integral that revealing it would be a massive spoiler for the book! And I'm sure Barack himself would (if he'd read it) agree that - never mind not even being on the list - this was far and away his finest funnybook hour!

This is clearly Comic Book Resources working their corporate asses off to keep the little indy publishers down! Well good luck with that, hosers, 'cos since the release of our free digital comic Almighties Origins, the Almighties fanbase has been growing and growing over at its Facebook Group, and I guarantee that if I ran a poll there, asking what peeps' fav. Comic Book Obama appearance is, The Almighties #1 would come out on top! How can I guarantee it?

Because it'd be the only god-damned option.

*The opinions expressed by a hungover Sam Johnson in this post are not real. The Almighties #1 and Almighties Origins are real - and available at

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